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Five precautions point for mold design.

Five precautions point for mold design.

Update Time:2018-07-02
Cavity Surface roughness: 
Injection mold cavity surface roughness directly affect gloss products, injection molding mold highly polished surface will be bright surface products, Wu Guang injection mold is prepared dull products. Multi-cavity die too if the surface roughness, the surface of the plastic sheet adheres easily mold cavity, the surface roughness value should be less appropriate injection molds. 

Implied ratio: 
Depth to width ratio than the plastic parts called extension, extension ratio reflects the ease of molding plastic parts, extension ratio increases, forming harder. And extension than the plastic variety, molding methods. 

Injection mold fillet: 
To avoid stress concentration, improve the impact strength, injection mold cavity surface edges and corners should be adopted fillets, corner radii should be equal to or greater than the plate (sheet) material thickness, but not less than 1.5mm. 

To facilitate the release, the slope of the mold is generally 0.5 ° -3 °, while the punch is 2 ° -7 °. 

Suction hole design: 
The most common is through the evacuation orifice. Suction hole size, quantity to meet the needs of molded plastic parts, generally for good fluidity, thin, plastic molding temperature is low, pumping holes should be smaller; plates thicker, pumping holes can be larger. Vacuum holes shall be designed to meet in a very short time the air out of the injection mold cavity, the article surface without leaving any trace request.