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5 important points during the project process

5 important points during the project process

Update Time:2018-04-25

As one of our missions is “making every project successful” ,  Longxiang always make sure to take every details into consideration when customers place PO to us.


There will be 5 important points during the project process :


1.Quotation start : After receiving PO , the project manager will organize sales&quote team to collect technical issues and delivery requirements from customer.

2.DFM review : When project started, the design team leader will call out a meeting within 12 hours to confirm the mold structure, propose suggestions ;

3.Design review: The design team leader will hold a meeting to update 3D design based on the experience of customer and make sure the quality is good and feasible.

4.DFM confirmation: Within 4 hours after receiving machining approval

5.Machining review: Within 24 hours after receiving the machining approval, the assembly team leader will have the meeting to unify the process preparation and program.